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Tax & Accounting

Our firm started as a tax and accounting shop, and these services are still foundational to how we help clients today. Whether you’re a business owner needing operational support or an individual needing tax preparation services, we offer the added benefit of being able to handle your personal and professional tax needs as well as a financial plan, investment portfolio, and accounting and bookkeeping all under one roof.

Based on our recent merger with Small Office Solutions, DB Tax & Wealth, and Wehring Wealth Management – we believe we’re in the best possible position to help our clients make confident financial and tax decisions for their businesses and families.

We currently offer the following services for businesses, individuals, and families.

Client Centered

For businesses:

We’ll process your payroll, maintain your books, prepare financial statements, and handle all accounting functions on your behalf. We conduct tax research and planning, and when it’s time to prepare your business tax return, we’ll already be in the know about your financial situation.

Virtual CFO Services – Part-time CFO services can accelerate your business’ growth and improve profitability. Cash management and forecasting allow business owners to make confident decisions with the guidance of an experienced financial advisor.

Payroll & Bookkeeping – We offer full-time or part-time bookkeeping and payroll services to take this time-consuming, highly regulated chore off your plate. Our combined payroll and accounting services can streamline your business with direct deposit, online check stubs, and W-2 access.

Financial Statement Preparation – We can prepare financial statements that involve aggregating several tax and accounting information into a standardized set of financials so you can maximize your company’s profitability and efficiencies. 

For individuals and families: 

We prepare tax returns and conduct proactive tax planning throughout the year. Your income, investments, and withholdings all have the potential to help or hurt your tax liabilities, and we collaborate internally to build strategies that benefit you most. 

Tax Preparation – Our team has extensive experience in tax preparation and planning. We aim to see your complete financial picture to ensure we reduce your tax liabilities and seize every available opportunity.
Tax Resolution – Americans owe the IRS more than $125 billion in back taxes. Working with the IRS has become increasingly cumbersome, delayed, and nearly impossible to navigate by the average taxpayer. Our experienced team can help resolve past debts and work out payment arrangements for those burdened by unresolved IRS issues.

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