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Charlene Wehring – Official Forbes Finance Council Member

Charlene Wehring – Official Forbes Finance Council Member

Forbes Finance Council is a community of finance executives from across the country who share insights, best practices and innovative approaches to personal finance. In addition to networking with industry thought leaders, the council affords members the opportunity to contribute editorial content to

Charlene Wehring, financial advisor and founder of Wehring Wealth Management, is a member of the prestigious Forbes Finance Council. 

Under Wehring’s leadership, Wehring Wealth Management has evolved from its roots as a tax and accounting firm to a unique, integrated financial services firm. The firm focuses on providing services in tax and accounting, financial planning, investment management, insurance planning, business planning and more, all under one roof. With attention to helping a wide group of individuals and families, Wehring Wealth Management focuses on being clients’ sounding board for sound financial advice. 

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